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About Atlas Of Self.


A sherpa assisted journey into connection with your innermost nature, your most potent intuitive self. So that as you navigate through life, it may be in harmony with the full vibrance and intelligence of your body.

You will be working in the unknown.
The journey into your inner world, is a descent into chaos. It can not be predicted, only acknowledged, known and worked with as it reveals itself.

You will likely encounter a few dragons along the path.
Only you will have the power to slay them, you will have everything you need.

You will have a 12 Month full membership with the Tolado Tribe. A tribe for your self.

We're launching soon.


If you want to be alerted when we’re going live the Atlas Of Self¬†platform and would like to find out more, fill in the form below to register your interest and we’ll be in touch when we have some news for you.